About Us

The Arden Partnership was formed by our two senior partners in 1995. It was founded on the principles of our unique and highly successful approach to developing leaders who can adapt and drive change in an ever-changing business environment.

Since then, we have worked with many industry-leading clients, helping them develop the skills and mind-set to address their particular challenges and success in their business objectives. 

Our values 

Our guiding beliefs reflect the personalities of our founders – the pursuit of excellence through creativity, diligence and honesty.

We are:

  • Experienced.
    We’ve been training, coaching and developing executives for over 25 years.
  • Effective.
    We get results – take a look at our client feedback.
  • Flexible.
    Everything is tailored to your requirements – we do not use off-the-shelf      solutions.
  • Pragmatic.
    We incorporate the latest thinking and tactics, adapting them for your      organisation – we only use what will work for you.

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