Leadership Development

Leadership Development 

Effective leaders are critical to your business: you rely on them to get the best out of your people and to achieve results.

In the current economic climate, leadership is more important than ever.  Organisations are being forced to review their operations, costs and processes in the continuing struggle for survival. As critical decisions are made, leaders take a pivotal role in implementing strategies and change:

  • Motivate employees to achieve more demanding targets – often with fewer resources and at times of uncertainty
  • Challenge their teams to scrutinise current processes – creating slimmer, quicker and cheaper ways to deliver
  • Manage global teams across multiple time zones and cultural expectations
  • Break bad news
  • Help people to cope with redundancy or the threat of being made redundant

Yet many surveys show that organisations rate their leaders as fair or poor. This is hardly a recipe for success, your leaders need all the help, development and training you can provide them if your business is going to survive and prosper.

That’s where we can help you. We understand how leaders are trained and developed; we’ve been successfully training them for over 25 years.

Here’s an example of the type of programme we’ve designed and run.

Company:  Multinational automotive manufacturer

Locations:  UK, West and East Europe.

The need:  To develop leaders at every level of this complex organisation who will apply common standards and approaches to motivating, managing and inspiring their teams.

The solution:  A modular series of off-the-job workshops supported by comprehensive one-to-one coaching and on-the-job assignments.

This programme leads to recognised qualifications at Diploma and Certificate level from a leading UK University.

The results:  So far, Arden has trained hundreds of managers in this organisation from first-line managers up to and including board directors.

The Client says:

“The Arden Partnership understand our business very well and is trusted by our managers. I have no hesitation in recommending them to others.”

If you’d like to know more about how we will enable your organisation to compete successfully, contact us via info@ardenpartnership.com

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