Coaching uses one-to-one discussions between your staff and our qualified coach to improve performance at work. The non-directive form of development and learning mostly focuses on work performance, although personal issues can form part of coaching. 

Through the recent downturn, the use of coaching has become an integral technique for helping managers and leaders learn and improve their performance. 

Coaching is especially effective for: 

  • Helping a newly promoted manager to ‘step up’ his or her performance (see below)
  • Driving a business forward in a difficult trading environment
  • Supporting managers with problems such as stress or poor time management
  • Communicating tough targets to employees already feeling stretched
  • Helping mangers make difficult decisions about change or investment 

Arden has been coaching leaders for many years; we offer cost-effective solutions to develop you managers and leaders. 

Senior Sales Director, Automotive Industry, in his own words: 

Having been promoted from a purely day to day managerial role within my company to a strategic position I began to feel lost within my role. I felt that I wasn’t able to provide my team with leadership or direction, as it appeared I couldn’t actually direct myself. I began to regress back to my previous job roles or comfort zones to make me feel that I was actually contributing to the company. I was feeling stressed, anxious and lacking in confidence. 

I was recommended to talk to Martin by a friend, who thought he could be of some use. Having not used a coach before, I was concerned about talking to a stranger about my problems. I need not have been. Martin first of all made things very simple and clear from the start and made it easy for me to communicate my problems without feeling uncomfortable. He gave me the choice to pick a neutral venue so I didn’t feel intimidated. Martin always clarified with me during the sessions so I knew he had understood what I was talking about. He was able to pin point the areas I was struggling with and help me work out some activities I would do to improve my issues. 

As it turned out after a couple of sessions I realised I knew the answers to my problem; I just needed to carry out the tasks and not head back to my comfort zones. I have made this sound simple but when I went to see Martin my issues did not seem simple at all. What he did for me was help me to see there were solutions out there, providing I was willing to take the correct steps.

 I would recommend Martin to any friend or colleague.” 

Senior HR Manager, Central Government – in her own words 

“I met Martin on a course about a year ago and asked him to help me recently as I was changing roles and wanted to ensure that I made the most of the opportunity.   I knew that coaching would help me and felt that Martin’s open and encouraging style would help me work through this and decide how I was to approach the first few months in my new job in a way that would set me up for success. 

A big part of my new challenge was to develop effective working relationships at a senior level and I wanted to ensure that I approached these in the way I wanted them to work long term.  I knew this would be challenging for me because of the experiences I had in my last job which had made me unsure of my abilities in this area. 

I wasn’t wrong about Martin.  He was responsive and tailored sessions to my needs by clarifying at the beginning of the session what I had done since our last session and what my goals were for that session.  He was a great listener and seemed to instinctively understand what I was concerned about and what I needed to achieve.  I quickly made progress and started being asked for my advice and thoughts on strategic issues, a key indicator that I was building the relationships I wanted.  

I had my first session with Martin before I started my new job and then two sessions during my first few months.  This worked really well and because of Martin’s style and input my confidence in this area has grown significantly. 

I have no hesitation in recommending Martin.”

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